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Welcome to Mastering Manhood!

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We are your mentors, fathers, elders and brethren… we are men called and appointed of God to be that iron that sharpens your iron, (See Proverbs 27:17).

We exist to make you a success in life by instilling in you the seven biblical principles to Mastering Manhood.

To master means: 1). To attain great skill in the use or application of. 2). To be highly skilled or proficient at. 3). To overcome or defeat. 4). To be qualified to teach apprentices. 5). To serve as the head, and 6. To gain command of.

You are at our cyberspace-training center because for you, meandering manhood is not an option! You are called of God to master manhood! As men, each of us is to have a command of manhood. We are to be experts at being a man. In life, some men are certified as master plumbers and master electricians. These men have mastered their perspective trades and are able to teach other men how to be a plumber or an electrician.

At Mastering Manhood, we show, step-by-step, how to master manhood.

Are you scratching your head about fatherhood, manhood or about being a husband?

Do you have questions about how to find Miss Right and how to avoid Miss Wrong? Wondering which way to go in life? We’ve got your answers! Do you need help with marital issues? Haven’t quite figured out how to be a husband? Need advice from men of wisdom? We’re here for you! Our toolbox comes with all of the diagrams, blueprints, tools and equipment you’ll need to calibrate yourself into a high-performance man! Below is some of our life-changing calibration equipment. Each article comes in a printer friendly version so that you can study offline. You are in the right place to be honed into spiritual champion, a Knight in shining armor and a man who is Mastering Manhood! Your journey starts right now…

Let's face the facts...

When it comes to being a man, it is a war out there! Due to a lack of proper role models, the male man is in a crisis. The average young man has no idea of the role he should fill as a man. Many adult men have little or no idea about the roles they should fill as a father, husband, mentor or leader. The problem… the average man never received proper training on how to make the transition from boyhood to manhood. Most men went from boyhood to adulthood but they never reached manhood! That is not a criticism, it is an irrefutable statement of fact.

To make matters worse, various groups and organizations are frequently questioning the need for real men in today's society. These extremists expend enormous amounts of energy convincing the next generation of males to forgo manhood and abort their masculinity. The men who have been duped by this rhetoric, easily skirt their duties and responsibilities as men, husbands, fathers and leaders.

At Mastering Manhood, we deal with the tough issues, we answer the hard questions and we show you how to successfully negotiate the challenges that men face. Here are nine critical reasons for you to tell other men about Mastering Manhood, book mark this website and return in the future:

  • You'll Learn the 8 Steps to Manhood
  • You'll Learn the 7 Biblical Principles to Mastering Manhood
  • You'll be able to pick the brains of men who are Mastering Manhood
  • You'll have seasoned role models who will give you timely insights and practical advice
  • We'll help you succeed in the business arena and workforce
  • We'll show you how to establish meaningful and fulfilling relationships
  • We'll help you become a better man, husband, father, leader and mentor
  • We'll provide you with the potent cutting edge training materials
  • You'll meet other men who against all odds, have found their God-given purpose and are making their mark in life!

Our Vision
"Returning men to their original blueprint."

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