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Roll Away The Stone!

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There is a miracle waiting in the wings with your name on it! You can sense it to the point of almost tasting it. So what has been the hold up? Could it be that you need to make just one or two adjustments that will change your life and put you on track? Your answer may hidden in this often overlooked path to experiencing a mighty move of God; roll away the stone. Your circumstances are about to change, so keep reading!

by Gillis Triplett

Roll Away The Stone!
Being raised from the dead was probably the crowning moment of Lazarus’ life. In John chapter 11, Lazarus had fallen sick. He eventually died and was buried. A massive stone was placed in front of his sepulcher to symbolize the finality of his unfulfilled dreams and his promising life cut short.

When Jesus received the news of his death, He promptly advertised to the world that he would raise Lazarus from the dead, but the key to this monumental miracle was not what Jesus did - per se, but the command He gave, “Roll away the stone!”

When Jesus issued that command, He clearly shifted the responsibility of the miracle to the shoulders of the people. Had they not rolled away that stone, Lazarus’ corpse would have stayed in that cave of a grave.

There are certain times in your life, when in order to experience a miracle, move to the next level or receive deliverance, you will be required to roll away a stone.

Until you do, you cannot reasonably expect to see God move on your behalf. But when you roll away that stone, GOD is going to show Himself strong in your life!

What Is Your Stone?
Your stone may be a need to complete your college education or obtain some other type of technical or professional certification. It may be a drastic change in your diet or you may need to go on a solemn fast. You may be required to sever certain friendships or associations or establish new ones.

The Holy Spirit may be leading you to pack your bags and move to a new city, country or church. Your stone may be your job. You may need to start a business or switch careers, companies or positions…

I don’t know what you stone is, but I do know this; until you obey the voice of the Holy Spirit and roll away that stone, you will be trapped in a cave! When they obeyed the command to roll away that stone, it was no easy task.

You can rest assured they were gritting their teeth and grunting as they pushed that seemingly unmovable mass of bedrock as hard as they could. Your stone won’t be any easier to move, but when you push it with every fiber of your being, it will roll away. It will become a thing of the past! (See Mark 11:23 and Zechariah 4:6-9 and keep pushing!)

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