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When the Enemy Strikes

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During and after an attack is when most people become discouraged, lose faith and oftentimes decide to walk away from Christ.You need to know two critical truths: (1) It is not a matter of if the enemy strikes; It is a matter of when! (2) How you respond to the enemy’s attacks determines if you will fail or be promoted in life. In this potent session I’ll share with you, the only response to an attack of the enemy.

by Gillis Triplett

Spiritual Warfare 101
Every Christian has heard about spiritual warfare. However, most Believers don’t understand the lengths satan will go to or the tactics and strategies he employs to bring about their failure or demise.

Here's a short study... he will attempt to infiltrate and destroy your relationships, put a wedge in your marriage, delay God's promises in your life, crush your will, instill fear in your heart, demoralize you, incite you to anger and hatred, seduce you to commit sin, discourage you and cause you to become confused and bewildered.

The devil and his demon cohorts will harass, taunt and scheme against you until you either throw in the towel, have a nervous breakdown, commit suicide or spiral into a deep state of depression.

When All Hell Breaks Loose!
When I launched the ministry the Lord entrusted me with, ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE! The devil stirred up people to turn against me I never imagined that he could inspire. I had Christians make promises to me, break their word and leave me scrambling for replacements right before a major conference or ministry event.

Christian Bookstore owners owed our ministry for books, tapes and CDs they ordered from us and even after they sold the products, they were evasive in paying us.

One pastor brought me in to minister at his church and drew one of the largest crowds he ever had. It was a power-packed meeting. Members of the church were so impacted that they begged the pastor to bring me back for another meeting. When the pastor saw their response, he took on a spirit of jealousy and refused to give me an offering. I walked away from his church thinking, “What gives Lord?”

I could go on and on about the things satan threw at me. Had I not known his tactics, it would have been enough to make me throw the towel in, walk away and bitterly cry to the Lord, “It just isn’t worth it!”

Your Response When The Enemy Strikes?
When the enemy strikes, don’t give up or give in!

Proverbs 24:16 says, “For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth again...” If you hang in there, you will arise! The devil swore that I would never minister to a single solitary soul, publish any books or launch a ministry website.

But by standing on the Word of God and prayer, I’m making him eat those words! When the enemy strikes, I encourage you to stay in the fight! Don’t throw the towel in! If you stay the course, you will reign victorious! (See Galatians 6:9).

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